Preference #3 He’s your step-brother and you both are in love with eachother

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Harry- You and Harry have been step-brother and sister for almost a year now. You guys had both known each other a little bit before his mom and your dad dated. During  the months you have gotten to spend more time with Harry and fell deeply in love with him. Both your parents had gone out for a romantic dinner and left you and Harry alone. You and him were on the couch watching tv when all of a sudden he kisses you gently but with full passion. As both of you pull away you both knew it was wrong. Your parents would have never allowed it. “I really love you Y/N.” Harry said. ” I do too I always have, but what will our parents say when they find out.” It would turn horrible. For the next week you both tried to avoid each other. But whatever both of you tried to prevent made both of you even more in love. So when your parents both came back from there 1 year anniversary on a cruise you and Harry both thought it was time to tell them.

Louis- It had been just 2 weeks since your mom married Louis’s dad. You had started developing feelings to Louis but you never told anyone because you thought he wouldn’t like you back or worse your parents wouldn’t approve. While they were on their daily, you were in your room listening to music when Louis comes in and kisses you lightly. He pulls back and says ” I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that, it was so-.” You cut him off with another passionate kiss. ” I like you too Lou.” You say smiling. But soon that smile faded and you looked at Louis with a dissapointed look. Our parents will never accept it. ” Well we wouldn’t know if we didn’t try Louis said. Once they get back from their walk we will tell them. You look at Louis and he gives you a reassuring look. You hear a door slam closed and both of you start walking down the stairs.

Oooooo haha I didn’t have enough time to do the rest of the boys. I like the cliff hangers haha. Message me if you want a part 2. I know it might not be the best but give it a try. :D 

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